About me

My name is Patrice Blue Maltas. I’m the founder of BLUE HEALING, a retreat center in Woodstock, New York – where I bridge the gap between the creative presence, I learned as an actress and musician, and the profound ability it has to heal both the emotional and spiritual body, much like soul retrieval. Through my work as a holistic healer, I have developed a unique and gentle form of healing on a core level.

I hold many licenses and certifications under the umbrellas of holistic body work and massage therapist. I primarily work as an empathic healer and as a Reiki master / teacher. I also offer several workshops including Reiki, creative presence work, and sustainable gardening.

I am very passionate about sustainable gardening. I was one of the first organic herbs vendors for the first Whole Foods store in Austin Texas. I teach workshops on organic gardening, specializing in herbs edible flowers and essential oils.

I also offer Air BnB guests a tour of the garden and share any overflow of fresh organic produce.

A little about my music

I am a native of Connecticut and began my music career at the age of fifteen, at seventeen became a member of the Delpia Opera Co. Then I went on to become a multi-instrumentalist and composer influenced greatly by the many spiritual teachers I learned from. In the 1980s, I began a career as an actress and a playwright under the guidance of a transformation process called the creative explosion, founded by teacher and author E. Katherine Kerr. I have produced three one-woman theatrical shows and am independently signed by Jace Smith, formerly of Capitol Records. I have co-produced three CDs. My voice and music are a healing journey inward.

I specialize in transformational healing and hospice work.

  • Empathic Reiki master and teacher
  • Licensed Ashiatsu massage therapist
  • Hospice and chronic Certified nurse aid
  • Reflexologist

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