Holistic Services

ASHSIATSU MASSAGE: Also known as barefoot massage, the therapist is suspended on bar utilizing their body weight and feet to offer deep holistic massage, session includes the use of d‘otters essential oils. 50 min love donation

MASTER REIKI HEALING: The ancient art of laying on of hands energy healing balance the emotional, spiritual and physical body a calm the heart therapy heals on a core level with Reiki Master Patrice Blue Maltas. 50 min love donation

INFRARED BIO MAT REFLEXOLOGY: By working with the nerves ending on the feet you heal the central nerves system, and feed muscle and tissue with healthy nerves impulses. This session includes infared heated bio mat. 45 min love donation

EMPATHIC SOUL JOURNEYING (CREATIVE PRESENCE WORK): This is geared toward healing the heart and the emotional and spiritual journey of each individual through empathic readings, creative presence work, sound healing. 45 min love donation